New Multi-Fx Pedals from Sonuus to Rock Your World

Check out the awesome new pedal gear from Sonuus…

The Voluum and Wahoo

The Voluum

The Voluum gives you a wealth of features:

  • 5 processors
  • a noise gate
  • a compressor
  • an LFO
  • a volume control
  • a limiter

Guitarists can utilize these in any combination they wish, providing for a very diverse assortment of tones.

The Wahoo

The Wahoo has a dual-filter design making it an awesome wah/filter pedal.

Features of the Wahoo include:

  • an envelope
  • an LFO
  • pitch tracking modes

The pitch tracking feature of the Wahoo is especially useful for creating a wide span of tonal effects.

Have a listen and see if either (or both) of these pedals may be what you’re looking for to add to your tone toolbox!

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